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Deliverer Safelist - unique, awesome, technological features designed to solve the overriding problem of safelist email marketing and painlessly turn a newbie into a webmaster!

Join a world revolution in safelist thinking with
sorted emails and reduced mail switching!

The situation is well known...

The scenario is all too familiar. You have an offer that needs some referrals so you turn to safelist advertising to spread the word. You want to get the word out today because there's a deadline to meet by the end of the week. You check your favorites and the search engines, find a few safelists and get ready to send. However, when you find the safelist websites, you log in only to find you can't send right away as your vacation switch is turned on and you have to wait two whole days before the software allows you to send anything.

So, you patiently wait the required two days getting your copy ready for the big moment. The next morning you log in to your mailboxes only to find they're completely brimming full of emails from your safelists telling you how to spend money you don't have or cure diseases you don't suffer from.

On top of that, you realize that you might have lost an important incoming email because it was due to arrive just as the mailbox reached its limit and so got bounced away. Naturally, you check at your secondary mailboxes and contact-only addresses and find another couple of hundred emails sent there too! And, you've guessed it, they're nearly all about the same offers; trying to persuade you to part with more money you don't have, buy drugs you don't need and join new super-duper matrices you can't afford.

But then the trouble starts...

You try to delete some emails a couple of pages at a time only to find the mailbox won't do it - it hangs and freezes and so you have to close the whole account as the box is jammed full. Nobody comes to the rescue. Nobody answers support questions. All your safelists are now trying to send hundreds of emails to addresses already stuffed with emails that nobody is ever going to see because any spare time you have will have to be spent on setting up new mailboxes, deleting thousands of emails about drugs and weight loss and MLM and matrices and HYIPs and plain old junk and placating webmasters who told you to use a separate email account when you joined.

Good day!

My name is Nigel 'Leon' Barksfield and I have been online from about the turn of the millennium. Alright, I may be giving you the worst case scenario, and I hope these events don't happen to you, but these are the failings that inspired this website.

Internet marketers everywhere, and especially the 'newbies' out there,
I'd like to introduce you to the one and only Deliverer Safelist!

Based at www.deliverer.biz, Deliverer Safelist, or DS for short, is my attempt to solve those overriding problems, mentioned above, associated with email safelist marketing.

How can my invention benefit you, the safelister?
Deliverer Safelist promises:

  1. Fewer off-topic emails to waste your precious time.
  2. Fewer overflowing email mailboxes.
  3. Less waiting to send your offer.

Deliverer Safelist is a real attempt to make a great idea better. It's a unique idea which I thought up to improve the whole technique of safelist email marketing.

I'm sure most people just cannot, and should not have to, cope with such a volume of emails which are mainly off-topic and deleted (autopurged) without even being read. So Deliverer Safelist was invented in 2004.

Deliverer Safelist is the safelist with the two, yes two, BIG differences...

  1. you get to sort your email into categories! No more deleting thousands of off-topic emails in busy mailboxes; no more autocleaning those million dollar business deals; and, what's more, no worries about spam!
  2. Not only that, you can also select an adjustable 5% service to keep you in touch with your customers while receiving ONLY 5% of the list output, and you can also send whenever you like, even on vacation - just tap in your username and password, paste in your message, and mail!
    It's that simple!

Deliverer Safelist uses the idea that quality is far superior to quantity. Anyone who has watched their mailboxes fill with thousands of unwanted emails will appreciate this design principle.

Deliverer Safelist is unique because it delivers emails divided into five categories. The emails are sorted manually (by selecting checkboxes) at sending time by the sender. When each member joins (and later by using the update page) they elect to receive only mail in the categories that they are interested in. This is just one of the two main methods that Deliverer Safelist uses to dramatically reduce the volume of emails sent to each member.

The categories used are as follows:

  1. Advertising or related content e.g. traffic exchanges, FFAs, classified, pixel etc.
  2. Finance or related content e.g. MLM systems, matrices, randomizers etc
  3. Health or related content e.g. weight loss, anti-aging, health foods, medicines etc
  4. Shopping or related content e.g. malls, sales, special offers etc
  5. Other types of content e.g. list builders, affiliate programs, energy systems, geological, sport etc

The other main method to decrease the volume of emails flowing into your mailbox is the reduced send switch, also known as reduced blast service or trickle service. You can select this option when you join, and toggle it on or off as desired. It can be adjusted by the webmaster to whatever level is appropriate but it is normally set at around 5% of the full flow.

Your email address:

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